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There are many place for people with STD(sexually transmitted disease) to search for friends or people they like to date with. However, not all the dating apps or websites are safe, because there is a chance that the personal information that you have shared will not be safe. Furthermore, you will have to make sure that the people, you will have relationships with will not have STDs.

Moreover, there is a new breed of online dating site and app that cater to young or old singles who have STDs including Herpes, HIV, HPV, and hepatitis. If you are single and living with a STD there is no reason you have to remain single.

Why has it been so hard for Positive Singles to date in the past? The main reason for the difficulty has been in the awkwardness of explaining the situation. Many singles who suffer from STDs would rather suffer in silence and spend weekend nights home alone than go through the painful embarrassment of explaining their predicaments to potential dates. Some avoid dating for fear of potential and completely inaccurate stereotypes that may arise from the discovery of their STD status and others are simply too embarrassed to tell anyone in the first place.

Positive singles

Positive singles shouldn't have to suffer alone and there is no need to punish yourself indefinitely (or for the span of a lifetime in far too many cases) because of your positive status. There are many risks in life and for people who are positive there are even more as depression is often a constant companion to those who withdraw from society and important social interactions like dating. In some cases, this depression can even lead to suicide, especially among teens or younger adults who suffer from STDs. The good news is that times and attitudes are changing when it comes to STDs and there are options that do not involve a lifetime of being alone and lonely ahead of you.

The one critical rule for positive singles to remember is that your disease or condition does not define you unless you allow it to. There is no reason for you to allow yourself to be defined by any illness. You alone have the power to decide what defines you. Make it something you want the world to know about you rather than the fact that you have a STD. Make it a happy thought that defines you instead of one that makes you feel ashamed.

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