How to Date a Millionaire

Do you like dating a millionaire? What’s your feeling about that? Do you know how to date a millionaire? You know, it's a secret dream of almost everyone that they would love to meet a millionaire and fall in love. But will it ever happen? For most people, sadly it won't. Here's what you'll need to do to make your dream come true

A few Basics about Millionaires:

Millionaires have changed a lot over the last century – would it surprise you that even being a millionaire is as ordinary as buying a house? In some cities, if you own a home you're already a millionaire. Like Sydney, Australia.

Millionaires don't always "flaunt their wealth" like they did before. Even since the 1980's which were known as the days of "conspicuous consumption", these days suburban millionaires are people who live ordinary lives the same as you and me.

Protected Assets – It's not uncommon these days to find millionaires use a complicated company and trust structures to protect their assets from unwarranted litigation or visibility to others. So if someone wanted to prize their kitty open, it would be a real struggle to do so, as most millionaires don't hold assets in their own name – that's just plain dumb to do so anymore.

Where to find Millionaires

Like all busy people, you can discover them by getting out there and mixing locally. It's known today as Networking. Also, not everyone at these meetings is a millionaire, but it certainly is where you'll find a higher concentration of them okay.

Chamber of Commerce Meetings – they have meetings held almost everywhere and if you go online you'll find they have meetings right near where you live.

Business Clubs – i.e. where regular business owners meet either monthly or weekly to hear guest speakers.

Investment Clubs – in spite of any market downturn as such, will not daunt a true investor from meeting up with fellow investors.

Specialist Dating Agencies – in this realm you'll discover more people who value their time and value who they desire to meet.

Values – Money isn't everything – It's an assumption that Millionaires only think about making their next dollar. Not true. Here's why: people who have a lack of money think more about their lack of wealth than those who can pay their bills all the time.

Millionaires value achievers – that means they feel most comfortable with others who have done the same thing, or at least made a notable achievement, in some other endeavor that was recognized. They don't want to hang out with a loser, or someone who has no goals and going nowhere in their life.

In searching for a person who is an achiever it's important to emulate and 'BE the type of person' (and their values) to attract them into your life. When you begin to network and move within the circles of these people you'll see a whole new world of possibilities before you and if your heart is in the right place – and they can see it – attracting a partner will be truly priceless.

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