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Thank You, Large Friends

large friends

I logged onto this website a year and a half ago to find this wonderful girl. We spoke only once on the phone and then we met. Our date lasted 13 hours!! I continued to date her frequently. We have now moved in together and are engaged to be married whenever they legalize gay marriage here in Chicago. I just want to say without your site, I would have never found the love of my life. Thank you so much!! Ben213, US , Dec 11, 2016

For the first time in my life, I have found what so many others have had at one time or another…. HAPPINESS! David and I met here on Largefriends at the beginning of May when I was deleting my profile because I was giving up. I believe in fate… destiny… or whatever you want to call it… and I know that we were meant to find each other that day. Why didn't we meet earlier? Who knows…. After spending time together, we both knew that we were meant to be together and he proposed. We were married on Oct. Emliy2313, US , Nov 24, 2016

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Could be the one, Thanks MM!

millionaire Match

I met Mandy on MM soon after she created an account and winked at me, she was looking for real love and a future with someone from outside her small island in Sint Maarten. After chatting for a few weeks I decided to head out there for a visit. She was amazing and everything I am looking for in a match. We will continue to talk and see where things heads. simplemoney, Puerto Rico , Nov 13, 2016

One day when I was driving home from meeting a friend I pictured in my mind exactly what I wanted in a women and also what I wanted in life. When I got home there she was in my inbox and added me as a favorite! We hit it off over email. We Skype several times and I made a trip one week later to meet her. The trip was beyond what I could have ever imagined. I have never felt this way about anyone. Brady8877, Roseville, CA, United States , Oct 04, 2016

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We had two very, very successful matches


The service is very user friendly.We had two very, very successful matches. One a single bi female the other a married bi couple. Unfortunately my wife changed her mind and no longer wants to pursue the relationships. So I no longer require the web site membership. I hope she will someday change her mind and if so we will be back to start a new membership. Thank You. 

I believe I have found a good, if not great, match for me. Hopefully, I will be the same for her. I wish luck and happiness to all others on your site who are searching! I have found what I was looking for and no longer am searching—thanks to your site.

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Yes I have found someone from your app and site.

Positive singles

Yes I have found someone from your site,I never thought I would ever fall in Love again.Thanks to your site I have found that special person.Keep up the good work. No complaints from my end.If I ever hear of any body with STD,s that are looking I will send them to this site.Thank You

i found the man i was looking for .things seem to be going on well so far.i would like to thank you for such a wonderful website.i never thought i would get out of the horrible loneliness that i was in. thank you. 

The site has been wonderful. I have made some amazing friends and enjoyed experiencing a dating life once again. Its great – keep it up!!! It feels so good to have the huge elephant out of the room right away and I can relax and know I will not be rejected for it at a later point. Thank You

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Very happy with this site If I had wanted I could be dating literally 5 girls now.

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well the the second day it was december 2nd a miss Charmingone 16, entered my life and we been talking ever since she beautiful.besides that ther are more beautiful women who are this site than any of all the combined sites that i was on.Example Pof.,I tried very hard, age appropriate.Nada I would get "bag of hammers responding ,or snide responses to polite inquiries.It was strange. Here i am getting overwhelming feedback,.and not nearly as mercinary as I had imagined.Very happy with this site If I had wanted I could be dating literally 5 girls now. I don't bcause Im not good at juggling. Major lol!.Marc( I tell as many men as possible about this site)

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